Now Available: 2021 Regional Scan

Gulf Coast Community Foundation sets an ambitious agenda for its regional philanthropic work by identifying critical trends and priorities, and then developing transformative initiatives to address them.

We refer to this priority-setting process as our “regional scan.” About every two years we commission this regional scan, researching and analyzing data for a view of long-term and emerging trends, and then enhancing that picture with perspectives from community leaders. This helps us prioritize issues and mobilize the resources and community partners to address them.

Our regional scan not only helps guide our work, but also provides community partners, government leaders, and philanthropists with intelligence to inform their planning, impact, and giving.

25 regional scan


In 2021, we reached out to community leaders across the region to ask what are the region’s most pressing challenges in the year ahead and what opportunities should be acted on over the next several years as we transition to a post-COVID world. We heard common concerns and worries for the future, but we also heard hope and optimism.

This document summarizes our priorities for the year ahead. Priorities are identified by both how frequently they were raised as a critical issue and how likely and significant their impacts might be in the near future. We also recognize that there remain many foundational and crosscutting issues where progress continues to be important.

Our priorities are your priorities. Gulf Coast is committed to action across the range of issues facing our communities, and we are ready to lead, partner, and invest in innovative ideas and solutions. We invite you to join us in transforming our region.

Read the 2021 Regional Scan



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